Many children are born everyday but not all are privileged and blessed like you!! Some have terrible and pathetic life, we have a great way to reach and help these children through Rakshak.


“To support a nurturing environment for well-being of children in the vulnerable circumstances in slum areas”.


To provide:-
One nutritious meal every day
Two sets of new clothes each child every year
Study help –teaching and coaching – every evening in order to build up their confidence level and put them all back on the road to school
Study materials – books and stationery
Basic health care And through these children to reach their troubled homes with a touch of healing and comfort.


We began our Rakshak ministry near the back waters of Perungulathur village. Around 20 slum children would gather under a tree every Saturday as a small team of young people from the church would spend time and teach them spoken English. The condition of these children is bad, they don’t have proper clothing, nutritious meal etc. Many came from broken families and single parents. The more we worked with these under privileged children the more we became passionate to give them good education and make them better citizens of this great nation. It was a stepped of faith for us to do this as the resources were very few but our dreams and vision for these little children were big. Initially all we could only offer was a cup of Horlicks and 2 biscuits to the children.
The last 5 years have been challenging but as we have trusted God for these children He has not failed us. In the year 2009 by His absolute grace God has brought our Rakshak ministry from under the tree to a rented roof top place, where we gave free nutritious meal and free tuitions to 62 children. Presently, we are having 100 children with 4 good teachers who carry this vision and burden and help them in their studies. We give them new clothes on festivals, conduct free medical camp and provide them guidance.

Children are the future of our nation.
You can help us in building up a strong nation through Rakshak:-
By prayer
By sponsoring a child, your regular monthly gift of Rs. 600 will help a child very greatly.
By celebrating your birthdays and happy occasions with the children.
By providing even any eatables, stationeries, notebooks, clothes etc.
By adopting a child, the monthly expense of a child is roughly around Rs. 600 which includes his nutritious meal, tuitions, stationery etc

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