The Life program is not another crusade or convention, concert or a special meeting. In simple words, Life is simply introducing the youths to True Life – Jesus. It consists of wonderful music, worship, choreography, life challenging testimonies of celebrities and high profile Christian leaders and life transforming Word.

We had conducted one in March 2009 targeting on one of the most reputed colleges in Chennai (Madras Christian College) and in February 2011 we conducted it in SRM University where more than 5000 plus students attended the program and many students gave their lives to Jesus, as a result few students were even added to our church. We have decided to have the Life Fest yearly targeting on Schools, Colleges and Industries in India and around the globe to introduce the youths to Jesus. As we have studied and understood, this age group carries the burdens of yesterday and the uncertainties of the morrow, gnawing at their vitals amidst all their activities – some wild, some mild, are genuinely in search of life, an abundant life that satisfies their inner longing. It is vital that we reach out to this age group with the touch of God.


This is also an outreach program of our church conducted yearly to spread the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. The title of this program “HE’ROSE” has been derived with the meaning that He rose up to be the Hero of our lives. The power of His resurrection is preached and celebrated on this auspicious day as a church with skits, choreos, singing, a jubilant worship and of course the Word of God all for His glory. We take this celebration as an opportunity to reach out to the un-churched and un-evangelised and make an open call to people in and around our locality. The target group of VCI has always been the Youth. He’Rose is a program for family members too but done with an expectation to see more youths being touched by the power of God and find true life in JESUS

► To reach out to the un-churched and un-evangelised with

the good news of Jesus’ resurrection giving Hope to the lost/despondent souls
the message that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life

► To spread the gospel on the power of resurrection with exuberant worship, skits, choreo and enlightening children’s program and allow people to celebrate His existence

► To work in line with the great commission of preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth


►HIStory is another outreach program to reach out to the un-churched and un-evangelised with the good news of Jesus’ birth.

►Christmas is a celebration within the church, family members, relatives and friends but VCI has adapted to a different perspective of celebrating Christmas with the un-churched and un-evangelised souls.

► Many out there have no clarity on the story of Jesus and the underlying reason for His birth. Many have not tasted His love nor have experienced His love exhibited by those who have tasted it. HIStory is all about speaking of His love which bore him to this world and having a wonderful fellowship with one another by joining in the celebration. VCI has left open doors to all those seeking Life and true Love which is in Jesus Christ alone.


► To reach out to the un-churched and un-evangelised with the true love story of Jesus which brought Him to this world

► To make everyone feel that they are SPECIAL and PRECIOUS to God

► To exhibit the true love of Jesus by having fellowship with one another and to develop the spirit of celebration through exuberant worship, soul-stirring skits/ chore0,worship, soul-stirring