Victory Kidz

Victory Kidz

Jesus said “Let the little children come to me”.

Kidz are very important to us here at The Ark Victory Church and they are a huge part of what we are about.

At The Ark, the kidz are loved and cared for by our Kidz ministry volunteers. They experience the Word of God taught to them at their level, a church…kids’ style. Biblical truths are taught in child-targeted, relevant, and creative way while modeling a loving, biblical community.  Sunday mornings are the best two hours of our victory kids’ week.

At The Ark, it is our desire to serve children of all ages.

There are three objectives for the spiritual development of kids during their elementary years:

#1 to have a salvation experience and to begin their journey with Jesus
#2 to begin to grasp and develop a Biblical worldview for life
#3 to grasp a good portion of the Biblical themes and stories

One of our main ways for accomplishing this is our Children’s church, the Victory Kids, on Sunday morning.  Here we give the children the opportunity to enact skits, sing songs, recite verses, etc in front of the congregation, thereby building up their God-given skills.  They are taught stories from the bible, songs, and games too.

The Victory Kids are interactive, engaging, and fun-loving while at the same time building strong Biblical foundations.