Our Ministries-Discipleship Groups

In the fast-paced demanding society, it is so easy for us as Christians to look for quick fixes and short term exercises. If we are going to be effective Christians in 21st century. We need to develop regular time for personal growth and development. We cannot neglect it if we expect significant fruit to come from our lives.

Discipleship Group

Discipleship group is the best place which provides the environment of bonding, edifying and growth which in turn helps people to go through process of transformation and developing Christ like character. So that they can ‘BE JESUS’ in the places were God has placed them.

What happens in the group?

  • Growing in Christ like character through learning, discussing and practicing His word • Being in atmosphere of prayer and celebrating the victories.
  • Forming a healthy relationships and providing care for one another
  • Mentored in the faith
  • Reaching the community by expressing God’s love and His message of redemption.

In Simple words, Discipleship group is your group which stands with you and support you in your journey of ‘BE JESUS’.

Find your Group

Groups active with location and contact

  • The ARK Victory Church  – (Exclusive for Girls) – Yoffila & Naomi.  Contact No – 9884265131
  • Bharath Eng. College, Selaiyur  – Bro. Vinod & Vanita’s.  Contact No – 9500133963
  • Hiranandani Apartments, OMR  – Himanshu & Beauty.  Contact No – 9884110276
  • RWD Palm Apartments, Medavakkam  – Dr. Melvin & Reshmi.  Contact No – 9894133697
  • Jains Apartments, Selaiyur  – May Day & Sailaja.  Contact No – 9884265131
  • Ruby Elite, Santoshpuram  – Stanly & Sharon.  Contact No – 9884301011
  • Petra’s Apartments, Santoshpuram  – Shiny & Lijo.  Contact No – 9940128038
  • MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT PROGRAM   – John & Nancy, Sam & Lily.  Contact No –  9840274083,  9790940998