Welcome To The Ark!

We envision The Ark VCI to be a contemporary Local Church in South Chennai that exists to minister to individuals & families, by sharing God’s love. The Ark is ‘Where Church is a Family‘, so we welcome you to come and be a part of our family!


Pastor Jay and Anjali


The Ark VCI, South Chennai exists to GLORIFY GOD by establishing a POWERFUL LOCAL CHURCH through which we take the GOOD NEWS, GOOD WORKS and GOD’S LOVE to the ends of the earth.


  • To take root downward and bear fruit upward (Isaiah 37:31).
  • “Transformation of life” by creating a HUNGER FOR PRAYER, the WORD OF GOD & WORSHIP which will produce GODLY CHARACTERS, DISCIPLES AND GOOD WORKS.


  • To establish a powerful local church which shall impact the city of Chennai and spread to the ends of the earth.
  • To church the un-churched, evangelize the un-evangelized.
  • To support a nurturing environment for the well- being of children in vulnerable circumstances in slum areas through “RAKSHAK”.
  • To train the leaders and channelize their energy in building God’s kingdom

DNA of The Ark

DNA of the Ark - WORD


The strength of The ARK has been God’s Word. We believe in presenting the undiluted Word of God.

For it is His Word that transforms, edifies, heals, chastises, restores and saves people.

DNA of the Ark - Worship


Worship is given high priority in the ARK. For it is the Praise & Worship that ushers a person into God’s magnificent presence and opens up their heart for God’s word. The heartrending time of worship inspires & awakens both young and old.

DNA of the Ark - Fellowship


The warmth and love of the fellowship adds a unique flavor to the ARK. People of different culture, language and ethnic groups have made The ARK their home. The ARK is all about Godly relationships & commitment; for it is a church that cares for you and your family.



Faith without works is dead. The ARK believes in raising, equipping and releasing believers in their God given calling. In the ARK there are a lot of opportunities to put our faith in action through God’s work.



The ARK believes in the power of prayer, for life’s major battles are won on knees. Prayer connects us to God and the more time we spend in His presence the better we recognize His voice in times of trials & pain.

Our Church Schedule

Join us for our Sunday church services and other Church programs.

Church Services

Sunday Tamil Service 106:00am – 7:30am

Sunday Tamil Service 208:00am – 9:30am

Sunday English Service10:00am – 11:30am

Sunday Youth Service12:00pm – 01:30pm

Church Programs

Sunday Kidz Church10:00am

Teens Church10:00am

Daily Morning Prayer05:30am

Monthly Night Prayer (Last Fridays)10:00pm

Church Contact

Phone 1+91 98843 01011

Phone 2+91 98840 49797


Our Ministries


Youth Ministry

The Ark believes in tapping the energy and channelizing it towards Kingdom building.  The Youth focused worship services and the outreaches are a great attraction in drawing the youths and building the Kingdom of God.


Victory Kids

The kids are a huge part of what The Ark is about.  In Victory kids, biblical truths are taught with child-targeted, relevant and creative ways in order to lay strong biblical foundations in our kids’ life.


Discipleship Groups

Life cells are small groups where people meet once a week to enjoy a congenial and personalized fellowship. The focus of the group is to experience God.

Special Events

Free Resources

We have made available many free resources for you. There are video files, audio files and free downloads that are designed to help you learn the principles of God’s word so that you can walk in faith, hope and peace. Take time to check out all the resources and be blessed.

Audio Messages

We have made available the Audio Messages from our church services, special meeting and outdoor events, for you to listen and be blessed

Photo Gallery

We upload photographs from various outdoor events, special meetings and church services of The Ark VCI for you to be inspired!

Video Messages

We have made available the Video Messages from our church services, special meeting and outdoor events, for you to listen and be blessed

Watch Live

Watch the LIVE streaming of all our events and church services. We hope to reach out to more people with the Good news using this technology.

Blog Posts

Every week, a short blog with the summary of the church message will be available in our Blog section for you to read and meditate


You can read our Magazine which has uplifting articles, news and teaching resources that will help you get closer to God

Download Our Mobile Apps

We live in a mobile world. It is important to able to access God’s word and teaching material on the go. With this objective, we created this mobile app through which you can listen to messages, get church info, read the bible, take notes and much much more. It is a FREE app, download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, for Android devices.

Download Now!

Mobile Apps

Bhuvanna Roy

“The Ark (church) is my home. It has taught me to celebrate life in God. My life got transformed at ‘The Ark’ as Word of God becomes the foundation of my life. Here, I found brothers and sisters who stand with me in the ups and downs of my life. My son, who is a promise of God, is growing in the Word of God in Kidz church”

– Bhuvana, Head HR, anandha vikatan.


“Being new to Chennai, I found a family in ‘The Ark’. This Church has helped me grow through solid teachings, enriching fellowship & mind blowing worship sessions. I love being a part of the Inheritors (The Church Band). I have learned to worship God in Spirit & in truth and take my place as a worship leader”

– Joanna, Former Student, Madras Christian College


“Praise & Worship at The Ark Church births forth in me a dancing David out of a rigid personality. I was a Christian vagabond, I realised my life’s purpose as I boarded ‘The Ark’. My life changed after I started learning at The Ark.  God was no strange phenomenon but a lifestyle”

– Vinod, Manager, Wipro Ltd.